What image compression tools do you use? Such as tinypng, Zhitu, imagemin and so on?

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Why is imagemin compressed so much Little grebe

Of course, the default components and parameters cannot be pressed down. imagemin must match the components and parameters by itself. . .

Post a paragraph written by yourself:

gulp.task('imgmin', function() {
 var jpgmin = imageminJpegRecompress({
 Accurate: true//high precision mode
 Quality: "high"//image quality: low, medium, high and veryhigh;
 Method: "smallfry",// grid optimization: mpe, ssim, ms-ssim and smallfry;
 Min: 70,// minimum quality
 Loops: 0,// number of loop attempts, default is 6;
 Progressive: false,// baseline optimization
 Subsample: "default"// sub-sample: default, disable;
 pngmin = imageminOptipng({
 optimizationLevel: 4
 use: [jpgmin, pngmin]

The effect of compressing jpeg and png is not bad, other formats have been unable to touch the door, so they are processed by default.

I am currently using Antelope for tool software. Just drag the file to inside and optimize it directly.