What is nginx, what is pm2, and do the two conflict? How to configure

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I hope the explanation is easy to understand. Thank you for explaining what reverse proxy is by the way.

The answer comes from the magic Google

  • PM2 is a very useful Node.js service startup container. It allows you to keep your applications running forever without downtime to reload them.

  • Nginx is a lightweight web server. Compared with Apache, it has the advantages of less memory in possess and higher concurrency. Using epoll model, nginx is very efficient. And can be thermally upgraded.

  • The forward proxy is a server located between the client and the origin server. In order to obtain content from the origin server, the client sends a request to the proxy and specifies the target (the origin server). Then the proxy forwards the request to the origin server and returns the obtained content to the client.

  • Reverse proxy is a kind of proxy server in computer network. According to the client’s request, it obtains resources from the back-end server and then returns these resources to the client. Different from the forward proxy, the forward proxy acts as a medium to return the resources acquired on the Internet to the associated clients, while the reverse proxy acts as a proxy at the server rather than a client.