What is the difference between front-end routing and back-end routing?

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I’ve used express route before, now I’ve seen react route, but I haven’t used it. What’s the difference between not building this thing and express? Do you use both routes when writing websites?

I have never used express or react, but I have studied laravel(php backend framework), and now I use angularjs in my work. They also have routes. My feeling is that both UIkit and the back-end framework will do everything possible to support the establishment of stations. For functions such as routing, it is impossible to tell whether the front-end or back-end can do it after all. However, the technical profession has its own specialties. In the case of advocating separation of front and back ends, the front end has taken over more processing logic than before, including routing. If UIkit such as react is used to build the station, it is recommended to use front-end route. In front-end route jump, Single-page application (SPA) can always be guaranteed, and the back-end provides more data request interfaces.