What is the difference between the baseURL of axios inside and the proxyTable of webpack inside? Axios post failed to send parameters to the background.

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Does anyone explain the usage?

This use is different,
The baseUrl will be attached to the axios instance (all instances if global), that is, if the url parameter of get/post is a relative path (such as) /api/c/xx, then baseUrl plus’ /api/c/xx will be executed, and if no baseUrl is specified, then the base plus baseUrl of the address bar inside of the browser will be used.
ProxyTable of webpack inside is a process in which the test environment uses nodejs proxy as the same domain as the front-end page (i.e. browser address bar) in order to avoid cross-domain access under the browser. After specifying proxyTable, axios does not need to specify baseUrl. ProxyTable will proxy baseplus’/apis/c/xx’ to the interface address of [base baseUrl plus’/apis/c/xx’].
Of course, when the project is released, the back-end and front-end also need to be released under the same domain.