What is wrong with this code, the result after running should be 294753618

  node.js, question
 var a =new Array(9) ;
 a[0] =1
 a[1] = 2
 a[2] =3
 a[3] =4
 a[4] = 5
 a[5] =6
 a[6] =7
 a[7] =8
 a[8] =9
 for (i=0;  i<9;  Icaga)
 for (k=0;  k<9;  K plus)
 for (h=0;  h<9;  H plus)
 for (g=0;  g<9;  G plus)
 for (f=0;  f<9;  F plus)
 for (d=0;  d<9;  D plus)
 for (s=0;  s<9;  S plus)
 for (z=0;  z<9;  Z plus)
 for (x=0;  x<9;  X plus)

There was too much data and the browser couldn’t take it anymore. The loop was executed 9 9 times.