What tools (under the windows development environment) are nodejs packaged into exe, apk and ipa? Each has its own characteristics.

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As the topic is. I want to package the developed applications (including html, js, pictures, audio and other resources) into exe, apk and ipa. At present, the tool I know and will use to package exe is webkit, and the tool to package apk and ipa is hbuilder (with slightly poor performance). I’ve heard of some other tools, but I don’t know what their characteristics are. I hope I can pack it as small as possible, thank you.

InDesktop(Windows, Mac, Luinx) environmentnode-webkitAnd in particularelectron(atom-shell) good

InMobile equipmentEnvironment, at present withLocal nodejsThe app plan feels unreliable. I know a few of them. I can take a look at them.

However, these schemes are more or less imperfect, especially under IOS system, mainly involving Apple’s requirements and restrictions on js implementation in APP.

Of course, the landlord can also not insist on nodejs. Some can be selected on mobile devicesMixed applicationThe plan of

For example:

Related technologies

  • XDK(Intel’s HTML5APP Integrated Packaging Tool)

  • Crosswalk(Chrome’s tool to bridge WebView performance differences between different Android platforms)