What type of website is node suitable for development

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In this actual project, node is suitable for what type of website development and cannot do what type of website. What are the disadvantages of single thread?

Several advantages:
Node is easy to understand, especially for front-end personnel.
JavaScript’s weak type makes it possible to duck typing without paying attention to the object type, and there are concepts such as Promise that can intuitively write asynchronous programs.
JSON is used directly from the browser to the back end, and if MongoDB is used, JSON (which they call BSON) is also used directly.
Node has a large number of bags and learns quickly. It has low cost to make a bag. .
Node is a single thread, just use event loop to solve the calculation problem. Single thread enables it to have IO processing power many times higher than other platforms and supports more concurrent links.
Therefore, the website/backend that requires high concurrency while the computing requirement is not (so) high.

In other words:
Node is not suitable for complex systems. This is a single-threaded pit.
JS’s weak type is also a big pit. You can’t find out what the problem is by typing something wrong. Don’t expect IDE to help you. Undefined is vexed. TypeScript can sometimes be used to identify some of these type of problems.