When does nodejs support await/async?

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For example, what version of nodejs will support features like synchronization code, because callbacks are too uncomfortable to use.

https://github.com/nodejs/nod …

We did change the naming of v6 from Stable to Current as well, so I am assuming that v7 will also be named as “Current” vs “Stable”

  • V8 version 5.4 integration has been completed, which means async/await is supported.

  • Koa 2.x will be released with it, and my mother will no longer worry about me debugging with bable’s async/await.

  • upgrade libuv to 1.10.0

  • using openssl 1.1.0

This national day, it’s going to be () hi again.

Async/await asynchronous process finally landed





If you don’t understand, please read this tutorial.

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