Which development language can develop native app across platforms at present

  node.js, question

Is it a development that can be run on Android, ios and pc?

Continuing question 1?
If you think about quick start and small projects (mobile version of the website is similar), which kind of development is faster and better (mainly fast, one code is released everywhere)? ? ?

Continued question 2?
If future upgrades are also considered on the above basis, what kind of development will be considered?

If the language is spoken, the landlord should already have the answer in his heart, yes. JS.
However, react is a study and is written many times.
Ionic is written once and executed everywhere.

Ionic2 has introduced native modules and many people have already used them. However, it will not be detonated until the official version of ng2 is released.
Now react has exploded ….
However, ionic/angular and react are all the same, and both are the development trends of the front end in the future. If you follow this path, you will follow the trend and improve both the technology and the individual.

I have tried several domestic frames and feel that it is a waste of time.