Which node modules does Atom’s language-babel plug-in rely on to compile ES6?

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I have already installedbabel-cli, but withOfficial exampleAn error will be reported after the test, as follows:

File 0No Issuesnode_modules\babel-core\index.js1:1
 LFUTF-8Babel ES6 JavaScript
 LB: Babel v5.8.38 Transpiler Error
 [BABEL] E:\Introduction2ES6Standard\example-language-babel\Source Files\Transpile In Place\test1.babel: Unknown option: E:\Introduction2ES6Standard\  example-language-babel\Source Files\Transpile In Place\.babelrc.presets
 Using babel-core at

I am just using atom to learn ES6 and react. I am very grateful for the solution.

Install babel 6.x
6. babel is just a platform after X, and the rest is implemented by plug-ins and preset.
The main configuration file is:. babelrc

Babel-core, etc. are mainly required to be installed. You can go there.http://babeljs.io/docs/plugins/Yes.