Which paging url is seo friendly?

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There are generally two paging urls
The first is product_list? p=${page}
Second product/page/${page}
I look at many websites. Basically, these two types are Benwei Lu, especially csdn. It seems that there are both types. Which is better?

Dynamic path, our common expression is that the path address often contains “?” “=” or both a question mark and an equal sign. This path actually contains the meaning of a parameter content delivery.

For example:http://caozhui.com/catalog.asp? cate=4Is a dynamic path.

Static path: generally, the levels are relatively clear, for example, there will be a relatively clear pinyin directory.http://www.xxxx.com/article/20150707/608460.shtmlSuch links are hierarchical and do not contain parameters. Spiders will be better able to grab them.

Pseudo static Path: Pseudo static is a form of changing dynamic path into static path by technology. Pseudo static path is essentially static path. For example:http://www.xielingshao.com/index.php/post/54.html
In fact, for search engines, there is no difference between capturing dynamic paths and static paths. Unless there are more than three parameters in the dynamic path, spiders will lose parameters during crawling, resulting in page crawling failure. In most cases, dynamic paths and static paths are the same for search engines. In addition, a website can only set one path, either all dynamic paths or all static paths. Two path connections are not allowed at the same time. If the second connection must be blocked, it can be blocked with robots files.