Why can’t express parse the data from ajax post?

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Jquery.ajxpost submits an object

Print out req.body, and the result is this

What is the reason? Synchronous submission with form forms can be resolved normally

jQuery.ajaxSend data by defaultcontentTypeYesapplication/x-www-form-urlencoded

application/x-www-form-urlencodedThe standard requirements are as follows

  1. nameAndvalueBoth mustescaped,SpacesUseAddReplace

  2. In the order in the documentnames/values(键值对)形式 提交,每一组数据以&分割



The data asked by the landlord,post.bodyAs above, the analysis is completely correct.Key value pairOnly one level, and allKeyAll are equal and there are no sub-elements.

If you want the submitted data to be directly parsed into objects, you can refer to other answers.body-parser formidableSuch as component analysis.

Commonly usedcontentTypein addition

  • multipart/form-dataUpload file

  • text/plainNative data has not been processed, and the parsing method can be customized.