Why does gulp module not support copy and paste?

  node.js, question

I used gulp to develop a project before, the local gulp and gulp plug-ins have been downloaded, gulpfile.js and package.json have been configured, and the project is normally developed with gulp.
Now that a new project is started, I have copied the node_modules folder, gulpfile.js and package.json from the original project. unfortunately, gulp cannot run at all, and the node_modules folder cannot be deleted. considering that it was quite troublesome to download gulpfile.js and configure gulpfile.js at the beginning. Now the new project, originally wanted to figure out a convenient? As a result, not only can gulp not run, but also the node_modules folder cannot be deleted, which is really depressing. I asked gulp master to guide me.

It doesn’t work because some modules need to be installed globally.
The folder cannot be deleted because there are too many folders. It is better to use some tools to delete them.