Why is the render function in express route skipped and not executed?

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I am using express to realize the login function of the user, MongoDB for the database, and Mongoose is introduced. The following code processes the post request of the client. If the user name can be found in the database and the password is verified to be correct, then the client is just like the main page “kanbanboard” of app, but this render function has not been executed. After the client logs in, terminal receives the post request and both console.log are executed. Why hasn’t render been executed?

 .get(function (req, res) {
 res.render("signin.hbs", { status: "Sign In" });
 .post(function(req, res, next){
 User.findOne({'username': req.body.username}, function (err, user) {
 if (err) {
 //Login Error
 return handleError(err);
 if (user.password !  == req.body.password) {
 console.log("Password Incorrect!"  );
 return next(err);
 Console.log("Welcome, "plus user.username);
 res.render("kanbanboard.hbs", { username: user.username });
 console.log("Post received, heading to KanbanBoard...");

How is your form submitted? If you use ajax to send asynchronous requests, useres.render()It does not seem to jump, but it can be returned through the server.redirectUrlThen at the front endlocation.href = redirectUrlTo jump.