Why is the URL of the sharing link generated by the comment box wrong?

  node.js, question

I used hexo to build a static blog on github and usedSay moreComment box.
The comment function is normally used, but the links generated by more words are all wrong. After clicking on the links:
Https://yoursite.com/2016/05/13/ JS percentage E8 percentage AE percentage BE percentage AE percentage A1 percentage E6 percentage A8 percentage A1 percentage E5 percentage BC percenta ge 8F percentage E7 percentage B3 percentage BB percentage E5 percentage 88 percentage 9701/
yoursite.comDid not become my site address, said the background settings are right:
Home page address

Preferred domain name

Show web address as dota2mm.github.io

What is the reason for this?

Url in _config.yml profile: need your own domain name in the sky, such as your dota2mm.github.io, that’s ok ~