Win plus intranet, how to install npm dependency? For example, webpack

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The company used win to develop and the development machine could not access the Internet. I feel this is simply a nightmare for Cheng Xuyuan.
Even if linux has no network
Or win to a network. .


How to install npm package, if it is normal, it can be directly copied by Nettop, then what should be compiled and installed?
For example, now I don’t know what’s going on with the webpack.
The development of react needs to be broken. . .

Well, it’s been solved .. it seems that I have always passed the 2.x test as an ordinary package. originally, there were cmd and other tests under the global installation (compress before the test ..)

Npm install webpack -g
Then go to the directory and copy the entire contents (including webpack.cmd, etc. when copying, first compress …)

Win heart pit