Yeoman was solved by The Wall ~

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I would like to say that another node product was used by The Wall, but it was not used smoothly. It was stuck halfway into the site.

Npm I can also use the mirror cnpm, then how can yeoman solve the problem of being The Wall? . . . . .

Yeamon is based onnpmThe bag, if you set it upcnpm, then installyoThere should be no problem.
The problem you mentioned should be the use of eachgeneratorIn the past few days. This can only be analyzed specifically for specific problems. DifferentgeneratorMay install dependencies from different sources for you. Some sources have mirror images in China, for examplenpmRubyAll have mirror images of Taobao, butbowerNo. Helpless!

There is really no one-size-fits-all solution. If there is one, you can only buy a vpn yourself.