A strange h5 mobile terminal problem, I even difficult to use language description, to solve

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Cause: I was asked by the leader to develop an h5, the function of which is to vote on the meals in the canteen. When I started to design the page and finished the preliminary drawing, strange events occurred. The framework used was angularjs, supplemented by jquery and mui.
As long as I start nginx every time and open the link on the browser side, no matter how I refresh the page (including clearing the Browser Caching) after the first rendering, the lower part of the page cannot be clicked. When I use the arrow in the upper left corner of the Google Chrome developer tool to select the target, I see a strange scene. I can’t even select the lower part of the page. If I put the mouse on it, he will show that it is now in the upper half. After testing, except for the top of the page, other parts are the same, that is to say, the mouse click, he is actually in the click distance from the actual part of the area, the problem.
Finally, as long as I change the simulator on the browser side, for example, from iphone5 to iphone6, everything will return to normal, and then how to refresh it will be normal, and then exit the browser and re-enter, and it will appear again, 100%.
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Please note that the upper left corner of the browser developer tool, and the current simulator is iphone6, no matter how I refresh, the result is the same, very strange.


Please note that this time I changed the simulator to iphone5. Everything else will be the same and it will be normal. No matter how I refresh it, it will be normal.
In order to shoot the mouse pointer, it is not very clear with the mobile phone, so don’t blame me.

This problem has been solved, and there are some problems that cannot be solved on the mobile phone, but it is a code problem. As for this strange problem on the browser, it is a browser problem, but it is useless to restart the computer, restart the browser, empty the cache, etc. My method is to uninstall Google Chrome, but not clear the browser data, and then download and install it again. It may be that I updated Google Chrome once. In a word, my problem has been solved. I hope it will be helpful to all of you. Thank you!