Can’t html5 video tag exit full screen playback in IOS system? (html page)

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As shown in the title, in the mobile page, html5 video tag cannot exit full screen playback in IOS system? Every time you click the play button, you cannot play it in the current window?

IOSwebviewThere is an attributeallowsInlineMediaPlaybackYes valuevideoCan labels pass through the property-webkit-playsinline=trueControls so that it does not play full screen.

Before IOS6 (which seems to be this version), in large screen settings (that is, excluding the mobile phone version)allowsInlineMediaPlaybackThe value istrueThat is to say-webkit-playsinline=trueSuch videos will not be played in full screen, but on mobile phones, this value is set tofalse, so no matter how to write HTML video tags, it will be played in full screen.