How to fix the vertical scroll bar of the horizontal scroll area to the right of the scroll area?

  html5, question

1. Problem description

The topic may not be understood at once. The following picture is the effect I want to achieve:

There is a horizontal scroll bar in the outer div and a vertical scroll bar in the inner div.
But I have to pull the horizontal scroll bar to the far right to see the vertical scroll bar. However, I want to fix the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the viewing window so that I can see the vertical scroll bar without pulling the horizontal scroll bar.

2. The method I tried:
Through Google and Baidu’s Chinese search, the reason why there is no English search is because the problem is too complicated to describe it in English beyond my ability.

Even if there are both horizontal and vertical scroll bars, it is impossible for the scroll bar on the right to go inside the box. The scene you described gives me the feeling that the scroll bar on the right has gone inside the div.