Min-height and height?

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Why is the height of div1 set?min-heightAfter sp1 and sp2 height did not hold up? Why did you put div1’smin-heightChange toheightAfter sp1 and sp2 are propped up? Can’t min-height be used instead of height?

<!  DOCTYPE html>
 <style type="text/css">
 #div1{width: 100%;  min-height: 50px;  background-color: yellow;  bracket
 #sp1{width: 20%;  height: 100%;  display: inline-block;  background-color: blue;  bracket
 #sp2{width: 50%;  height: 100%;  display: inline-block;  background-color: red;  bracket
 <div id="div1">
 <span id="sp1">aaa</span>
 <spanv id="sp2">bbb</span>

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