WeChat browser, to obtain geographic location information, when users do not agree to provide geographic location information, how can users be asked again for authorization?

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A recent project has a requirement to use the geolocation API of HTML5 to obtain the user’s geographic location.

The situation is that if the user does not agree to obtain the geographic location, is there any way to ask the user again for permission? If it is the pc side, I can prompt the user to manually clear the browser’s relevant settings. However, in WeChat, my hand was a little lower when I tested. As a result, I will not prompt the user to obtain permission again for how to refresh and exit WeChat. I can’t let the user uninstall WeChat and come back.

If you don’t use the geolocation API of HTML5, you can actually use the API provided by WeChat JS SDK to obtain the geographic location, but it is also the same problem. How can you pop up a query window again to let the user authorize when the user disagrees?

Use Baidu API ip to turn longitude and latitude to get the location, the cache is too strong