Although openssl is already installed, it indicates that openssl cannot be found.

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I have encountered this kind of problem n times. Every time I download the source package to Then specify when compiling


Only then can it pass smoothly.

Not only openssl, but also zlib and lua.

Today, compiling tengine encountered this problem again. No choice. It is also to download the source package, and then specify the directory to compile when compiling.

Why is this?

= = = = = supplement, the following scheme is not applicable either

apt-get install openssl
apt-get install zlib1g-dev
apt-get install liblua50-dev

Then lua, can enter lua console.
Openssl, can also enter the openssl console

Then, when compiling the software, you will be prompted that you cannot find openssl, lua and other libraries.

Confirm under Debian 6 … all you really need to install islibssl-dev… evenopensslNo need …

Then configure directly to pass …