Vm virtual machine cannot ping host in nat mode

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Host ip:
Viewing vmnet8 Virtual Network Card IP on Host:
Virtual machine ip:
Virtual machine default route

The host can ping the virtual machine and the virtual machine can ping the gateway of However, the virtual machine cannot ping the host and the external network. My personal guess is that the vmnet8 network card from the virtual machine nat server to the host is not connected? I don’t understand. . .

Nat in vm means that the host accesses the virtual machine and the IP of the host have little relation, you here
Vmnet8 network card address and virtual machine address IP are the same network segment and are correctly configured
The default gateway for attempting to modify a virtual machine is192.168.154.2

Found under vm installation packageVirtual Network EditorAfter opening, you can set the relevant link method and IP address.
Maybe you can confirm it.