Add a boot kernel to CentOS 6.3 and boot it into RAM disk.

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The novice turned to Daniel for help. Because of some business needs, it is now necessary to add a boot kernel under the virtual machine in the public cloud environment (UCloud) and boot it into the RAM disk.

Because Lilo is not supported for virtualization in public cloud environment, Grub can only be used.
I added the following contents to the /boot/grub/menu.lst file (the contents were written by the previous predecessors of the company, and no one can be found to explain these contents now T_T)


The problem is that the red box in the picture actually informs the kernel of the location of the root file system. According to previous requirements, should this place be a RAM disk? Do I need to create this disc in advance?

Kneel down and ask for your guidance! ! !

The first item in kernel is kernel, and its general name contains the word vmlinuz. here is /boot/bzImage-botmgr.
The disk where the root (/) of the system to be started is located in the root parameter bit. The device name can be filled in here, such as /dev/sdx or UUID of the device. It is recommended to fill in UUID.
As for the UUID of your RAM, you can see it through the blkid command after entering the system.
The following parameters can be unchanged