Can CentOS(linux) find such partition software during installation after graphical installation?

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During the partitioning step of the graphical installation process, we will use the partitioning tool like the following figure:

The tool has two features:

1. Comprehensive functions: A tool includes the functions of basic partition, raid and lvm.
2. Comprehensive view: All basic partitions, raid and lvm can be identified and displayed.

After the system was installed, I tried:

3. Disk Utility

Found that these 3 tools, or function is not complete, such as disk utility cannot manage lvm;; Either the view is incomplete, such as lvm tools cannot view raid.

Therefore, after the system is installed, can you find a partition tool similar to the partition interface in the installation process, which can satisfy both [full function] and [full view]?

Or is there any way to use the partition tool in the installation process after the system is installed?

I think this is not a software. The script should be used to combine lvm management software, raid management software and partitioning tools. If you have to use this, make a USB flash drive startup disk. . .
However, I just found a similar partition tool cfdisk/cgdisk for pseudo graphical interfaces.
Note that cfdisk/cgdisk and ls,lsblk are 1024 times conversion between GB/MB/KB/B, while debian/centos installation partition tool appears to be gnuparted at the back end, gb/mb/kb/b is 1000 times conversion.