Centos reported an error in mounting samba’s shared file under ubuntu

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The error message is as follows:

[root@localhost data]# mount -t cifs // /data/uhtdocs -o username=www
 mount error 13 = Permission denied
 Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)
 [root@localhost data]#

I installed dual systems, win7 and ubuntu. Now I share folders with samba under ubuntu. The users www, samba.conf are configured as follows:

 comment = js_htdocs
 #path = /data/htdocs
 path = /media/jesse/E/htdocs
 public = yes
 writable = yes
 printable = no
 valid users=www
 create mask=0777
 directory mask=0777
 available = yes
 browseable = yes

Under /media/jesse/E/htdocs is my code under win7, which has ntfs disk format. now I want a centos to mount /media/jesse/E/htdocs under my ubuntu
How to get?

Try writing mount information under fstab
// (I am a space) /data/uhtdocs (I am a space) smbfs (I am a space) username = [username], password = [password] (I am a space) 0