Help! Win10 | linux Dual System Installed, win10 Boot Overwrite!

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I installed debian, but when I set up the system to boot grub in the last step, I chose win10′ s C disk.
When the computer was restarted, it was found that it could not enter the win10 system. presumably, the boot of win10 was damaged!

I am so anxious now. I was thinking of playing Dota2, but I fell into the pit. I don’t know how to solve it. who knows how to deal with it?
Teach me, thank you here!

1. Install the Startup Manager
sudo apt-get install startupmanager

2. open system tools-> start manager, and select Win7 from the default operating system drop-down menu

I’m so glad that this is all right. . . .

This is what I am looking for someone else:Link description