How to Set Register and Driver Modification Method of micrel Switching Chip

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The company wants to use micrel’s switching chip ksz8795. It is the first time to contact the knowledge of the chip. It downloaded the chip driver through the official website. At present, it does not know the register setting location and method for designing the chip function design, and how the chip driver is to be added to the core. Thank you

Download the user manual/chip manual of the chip, which contains the address and function introduction of each register. According to the required functions, write the corresponding driver, obtain the. ko kernel module file, modify the kernel makefile and other files, reconfigure the kernel, and compile the driver. Before compiling into the kernel, you can use the insmod command to load the driver for debugging. It is also possible not to add the kernel, adding insmod xxx.ko to /etc/init.d/rcS can also be loaded at startup.