I have been racking my brains. The typecho home page is normal after installation, but there is a white screen on the click page and the article page. How to solve it?

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I use subdomains and subdirectories on the Linux cloud server, and I have used non-binary (ASC2) and binary upload to install typecho. Everything is normal, the background can be accessed, and the home page can be viewed without any settings. Even if you click into the page and the article page, there will be a white screen. It is the same for changing browsers. Is there something wrong with the server configuration or the code? How to solve it? (The main domain name has been used all the time, and I want to use the subdomain to do it.)

Click on the address bar at the top of the page:/index.php/start-page.html.
Click on the address bar at the top of the article page: /index.php/archives/1/
1, reshipment several times also still white screen
2, uploaded the virtual space is the same result, don’t know the specific problem, so depressed ~
3, this is the result of Baidu, he also did not say what is the specific php configuration problem:
4. This is the installation condition as seen from the document on typecho’s official website. It seems that it also meets the requirements.

The problem ran aground for 2 years, and finally solved the puzzle by chance:

In fact, it’s not that complicated. My server LAMP is available in all environments. I just ignore the php version. My program php version is too old. It took a long time to update the php version to 5.6 (because php7.0 is too new and I don’t want to change too many bugs, it is only 5.6). Today, I suddenly installed typecho again, and found it normal. I think it should be the reason for the low version of php.

But at that time, I felt that I also went to typecho’s official website to check the supported php version and did not find this problem. Today, I went to the official website and already indicated the supported version. The time is too long and I am confused. No matter what it is, it will be good if it is solved ~

Finally, thank the friend who answered the question.