The setting and solution of host IP and virtual machine IP in virtual machine setup test environment? (two and more LAN communications)

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Host use: win
The networking mode is: the network cable is connected to the internet

Virtual machine (software is VMware or VisualBox)
Six virtual machines are now virtualized through virtual machine software (of course this can be adjusted as needed)
Marked as a,b,c,d,e,f respectively; Divided into two groups, respectively in different network segments, equivalent to two LAN
Requirements for implementation:

Win host can connect virtual machines through ssh software;
6 virtual machines can access each other;
Win host can also communicate with virtual machines and conduct local tests on virtual machines.
Win host can connect to the Internet;

Seek configuration scheme

Weak weak ask, scene one?

Scenario 2: The host can have two network cards, and then establish abc as 10.0.1.X def as 10.0.2.x.