The two virtual network cards that disable VM when using reebok cannot connect virtual machines with bridging xshell.

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1. Problem: x shell cannot connect centos virtual machine VMare This is the content of linux course on the Internet in massive open online course

3.注意这里的ifup eth0
4.x shell配置
5.网卡禁用  因为是校园网 使用锐捷 要禁用虚拟网卡

In general:

  • VMware Network Adapter VMnet1 is the way your host connects to the virtual machine Host Only.

  • VMware Network Adapter VMnet8 is the way your host connects to virtual machine NAT.

If you disable 1, the virtual machine cannot communicate with the host using Host Only

If you disable 8, virtual machines and hosts cannot communicate using NAT.

Since you mentioned Ruijie, when bridging communication, your host and virtual machine will communicate through the switch, and the switch opposite will have Ruijie mandatory authentication. Unless your virtual machine also dials authentication, communication will not be possible.

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