When you get a new linux server in your hand, how do you build the user rights?

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I have read the relevant information about linux, and they all warn me not to use root account to do operations. I have built many servers with my own programs, and some of them have built user systems compared with data. For example, when installing mysql, create a new mysql user, user group, and then use this user operation to install mysql. When creating nginx, the same is true. .

However, there are still many times, in order to facilitate the holding of root, it is done.
May I ask, what is the basic routine for users to operate on linux?Let’s assume that the server is operated by a small number of people, and it is usually just a start-stop operation. It is not like a large project that multiple users operate the server at the same time.

For processes, the user who executes the process is usually created.

The average company audits sudo+ or a sudo of dozens of servers in a small company.

Of course, an audit is recommended.

There are not many people, so we can audit through bash’s recording function.