Why can’t shift key combinations be used under my Gnome KDE?

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My question

I recently installed GnomeKDE on my ubuntu 14.04 with the following installation command:
sudo apt-get install gnome-session-flashback
After installation, my egg hurt, and the key combination with shift cannot be used, which brings me great inconvenience, such as:
  • Ctrl+shift+t: open a new tab at the terminal

  • Ctrl+shift+z: redo editor

  • Ctrl+shift+v: text formatting and pasting

The above functions can be used normally in ubuntu’s default KDE.

The solution I tried

After installing gconf-editor, it is found that the shortcut key setting is OK, as shown in the following figure:


This is a problem in my installation on the company’s computer, but it is normal for me to install gnome with shift on my computer.
Has anyone met the above? Is there a solution? Do you want to reinstall the system?

It seems that you need to press shift before pressing Ctrl. You can try it in the keyboard in the settings. If you press Ctrl and then shift, both keys are considered not pressed. I don’t know how to solve it for the time being.