Why did you copy the kernel files to the grub directory during the steps of compiling and installing the linux kernel?

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From the exercise of Bird Brother, what I can’t understand is Step 8:

Briefly explain the steps of core compilation.
1. Download the core source code first, which can be downloaded fromhttp://www.kernel.orgOr SRPM of distributions.
2. The following is handled by Tarball, and the source code is unlocked to the /usr/src/kernels directory;
3. delete the old data first: “make mrprop”;
4. Start selecting core functions. You can use “『makemenuconfig”, “makeoldconfig” and “make”
Gconfig』 “and so on;
5. Clear the past intermediate temporary files: “『make clean』”
6. Start compilation of core files and core modules: “『make”
bzImage』、『make modules』
7. Start the installation of core modules: “『make modules_install』”
8. To start the installation of core files, you can use “『make install』” or manually copy the core files into /boot/grub;
9. Establishment of initrd files;
10. modify /boot/grub/menu.lst file

Step 8 is to say that you need to install the kernel file, use make install, that is, put the compiled kernel into the correct directory, which should be/bootThis catalogue.
What does it mean to copy the kernel files to grub’s directory? Is it necessary? I think it should just specify the directory where the kernel file is located in grub’s configuration file, right?

You’re right, you don’t even need to put it under /boot, but you can configure grub well.
If you don’t believe me, just try. . .