This machine cannot ping the virtual machine, but the virtual machine itself can ping this machine?

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I installed centos6.5 with vm ware, but when I have configured static ip, I can ping the ip address of windows or in the virtual machine. However, in windows, I always want to use xshell connection to fail, so I just ping and found the connection timed out. What is the reason?
The following is a screenshot of the configuration: is the ip of my native windows is the ip I configured for the virtual machine

Ping virtual machine failed under windows:

Under the linux virtual machine, you can ping Baidu or windows’ native ip:


The following is my virtual machine network configuration:


The screenshot of my failure to connect linux with x-shell in windows environment:


Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, what is the reason? How can I operate to enable windows to ping the virtual machine and use X-Sherl connection? Thank you!
(In fact, I was able to ping linux at noon, but not in the afternoon …)

The characteristic of NAT network is that it can be connected from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside, just like the computer in the home can access the Internet through the router in the home, but the outside network cannot connect the machine in the home.

I guess what you want to achieve is that the virtual machine can access the Internet and connect it through ssh client from windows. Two schemes are suggested. One is to change NAT mode to “bridging mode”, so that the virtual machine and your host are in the same network segment. It is ok to use DHCP or configure an IP on the same network segment as your host, which can connect to the Internet and the host. The other is to add another network card and select “host-only mode”, so the virtual machine has two network cards, one connected to the internet through NAT and the other connected to the host specifically, so that the virtual machine can be connected through IP on the network card of “host-only mode”.