C language, the difference between data structure, logical structure and storage structure .. Baidu Google, but the answer is too mixed, not sure

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My view is:
The data structure includes storage structure and logic structure.
The storage structure includes: linked list, array and collection.
The logical structure includes: queue.
I don’t know if this is correct. If not, you can explain it.

I hope those who know can explain that the information on the Internet is too confusing.
Thank you

1. First of all, let me say a few conceptual things:

  • Data element: It is the basic unit that makes up data and has certain meaning, and is usually treated as a whole in a computer.

  • Data Object: It is a collection of data elements with the same properties and is a subset of data.

  • Data Structure: A collection of data elements that have one or more specific relationships with each other.

  • Logical structure: refers to the interrelation between data elements in a data object.

  • Logical Structure-Set Structure: The elements in the set structure have no relation with each other except that they belong to the same set.

  • Logic Structure-Linear Structure: The data elements in the linear structure are in one-to-one relationship.

  • Logic Structure-Tree Structure: There is a one-to-many hierarchical relationship between data elements in the tree structure.

  • Logical Structure-Graphic Structure: The data elements of the graphic structure have many-to-many relationships

  • Physical structure: refers to the storage form of the logical structure of data in the computer

  • Logical storage-sequential storage: data elements are placed in storage units with consecutive addresses, and the logical and physical relationships between the data are always the same.

  • Physical storage-chain storage: data elements are stored in any storage unit, which can be continuous or discontinuous.
    Next, we will talk about the linear table. When we apply for storage, we apply for an array. The array is a continuous storage unit in the computer, so we can store the logical linear structure into the physical structure of the continuous unit. If there is anything wrong, welcome to discuss.

2. Finally, I recommend you to read a book: Dahua Data Structure, which is worth using, easy to understand, and combined with graphics to explain.