How do you feel that there is not much developed with rem?

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Web app can set up how to change the font size of the entire page when the font is large or small.

If you use rem, only use it in fonts? Or is rem used for all element dimensions?

What unit is used in the Web to define the font size of a page is still hotly debated up to now. some people say that PX is good as a unit, others say that EM has many advantages, and still others say that percentage is convenient, so that the overall PK situation such as cssfont-size: emvs.px vs.percent appears. Unfortunately, there are still different advantages and disadvantages, which make all kinds of technologies not ideal, but can’t help but use them. However, the appearance of rem seems to make the situation somewhat better. We can see the difference between rem and em and px.REM of CSS3 Sets Font Size