How to center img in div, img is longer than div

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If the following code

<div style="height: 100px;  overflow: scroll" >
 <img src="img" style="height: 200px;  />

May I know how to make img always center, especially img’s height is larger than div’s height, and image is still center.
Because the overflow of div is scroll, the upper and lower parts of the picture cannot be seen, but what is displayed in div is still the middle part of the picture. Please think from css perspective.

Thank you

This code always looks awkward to you. Look carefully at the colon in the first line “:”Is it a Chinese colon? Will there be a quotation mark missing from style on the second line? Therefore, the highlight in the third line has problems. …

Show pictures:

<div style="height: 100px;   overflow: hidden;  width:100px" >
 <img src="img" style="height: 200px;   width:200px;   margin-top: -100px;   margin-left: -100px;"  />