Pointer is very important to C language, in what aspects

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I often hear people say that if you don’t know the pointer, you don’t know the C language. They said that the operation pointer is the operation address and is very low-level, so the operation should be very careful and the program efficiency will be very high if the operation is proper.

The novice still doesn’t understand what others say. As far as my current study is concerned, there are indirect references to the use of pointers and pointer operations (only valid in continuous spaces). . . .

You’ve seen some particularly clever and impressive examples of pointer use.

One is linux’s list_head, which is almost a skill that a slightly deeper C programmer must understand. In fact Linus himself attaches great importance to the skill of pointers in C language. He also has an example of using secondary pointers to delete single linked lists.
In addition, it is quite common to directly assign addresses to pointers such as video memory mapping, but this should be a skill that reflects the bottom level of C language rather than pointers.