Text typesetting problems, the content is dynamic catch out, not necessarily the number of words. How to align

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On the left is similar: brand, classification, and product attributes below. They are all dynamically captured. The current requirement is.
They need to align, so that the back is all in a straight line, because it is dynamic, there is no fixed width, and it is also impossible to fill in the blanks
Letter-spacing is no good either.

How did you solve this problem?

Two methods,

First, set the width of the container to be fixed, set the left container to be 2 rows high and vertically centered, and automatically fold if it is too long.

Second, use script to find the widest one on the left after all loads, and then set the width on the left uniformly.

Saying … why is it so long, there is still a limit, and then setting the width is the simplest.