Why is it that data refresh does not display data?

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TabView is a custom View. there is a data tableView in it, but the data is displayed by breaking the point and then releasing the data.

-(VTabView *)TabView
 if (!  _TabView) {
 _TabView = [[VTabView alloc]init];
 _TabView.alpha = 0.5;
 _TabView.backgroundColor = [UIColor redColor];
 _TabView.tab.backgroundColor = BACKCOLOUR;
 [_vpaas_client.glView addSubview:self.TabView];
 [self.TabView mas_makeConstraints:^(MASConstraintMaker *make) {
 return _TabView;
 # pragmamark-return time period proxy
 -(void)receiveArrB:(NSMutableArray *)ArrB ArrE:(NSMutableArray *)ArrE
 if (ArrE.count>0&&ArrB.count>0)
 self.TabView.arrB = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:ArrB];
 self.TabView.arrE = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:ArrE];
 [self.TabView.tab reloadData];
 //        [self play];

You only adjusted the reloadData method once. for the optimization of tableView, it is not to monitor the changes of its data source in real time, but to update the UI when you refresh the data actively.

In addition, this code style can’t let people see, if you want to continue to study, look at how others name how to write