Bitnami gitlab one-click installation, modify apache port not accessible

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The server environment is ubuntu14.x

Installation process:
1: sudo chomd 755 ./

2: ./ –apache_server_port 8888 –mysql_port 3400 –redis_port 3700

3: The url entered during the command line installation is:
Note:http://www.gitlab.comIs a local domain name, set in the hosts file

4. Prompt after installation

Access a long time, the following interface appears![图片描述][1]

How to solve it

This is a problem caused by ruby’s gem not being installed successfully or ruby’s environment variable setting is not correct. You need to open the debugging according to the steps in the link at the bottom of the error page. If you don’t know how to handle it, open the debugging and put the error message into the problem, I can give you some advice.

In addition, ubuntu is relatively easy to install with Omnibus package, and if it is bare metal, it is the simplest solution to install it directly.