Git server deployment plan and team development process

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One question has been bothering me:

We have installed git services on both production environment (A) and test environment (B). In our development, we used the development branch above b (A local submission will be submitted to b’s remote development and then automatically synchronized to b’s web server.)。 To get to the production environment, we merge locally from develop to the master branch (Add a remote source to the local master, and then git push production(remote source name) master.)。 This method is very troublesome when the configuration files are constantly changed due to different environments. How do you handle git workflow?

For details of team’s ongoing development, testing, simulation and continuous development of production environment, please refer toTechnical Team Code Management and Deployment

In addition, it is recommended to use the online deployment system developed by our team.Kawara Tsutomu,Home pageLearn more.