Git submits to its own server and must enter the password every time.

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I have a cloud server, and I have installed git on it and built git server according to the network method.

The problem now is, I install msysGit on my computer, submit the code, and need to enter git’s password. (I did not know the password for the first time, and then I changed the git password on the cloud server). After entering the correct password, I can log in and use git normally.

I connect git@localhost to the root user on the cloud server, which is the same. You must enter a password to give git push pull and other functions.

I am hereLocal windows computerAndCloud server root userThe push-pull code of can be normally connected on the computer.

So, the feeling is stillThere is a problem with git@ cloud server settings.

The following two pictures are both of the git server on the remote server root account:

Figure 1 is a password required for login

Figure 2 shows the permissions of /home/git/.ssh/authorized_keys

Please give us specific instructions!

Finally, referring to a post on this website, we have solved the problem and can refer to it if necessary.

Thank you for answering the questions. Thank you, thank you! ! !

Two methods:

  • Ssh, then the url will be connected to git @ weitoo/server-aggregator.git Since you have configured sshkey, then the url will go through the ssh protocol
  • url

$ git config –global “your name”
$ git config –global “your name”$ git config –global “”
(4) enter the warehouse to be uploaded, right click git bash and add remote address:
$ git remote add origin

Once you enter the password, you don’t need to enter it again. It will be saved automatically.