Git team development?

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How to use git instead of SVN in LAN environment, please give detailed steps or tutorials. I have just contacted git, thank you

Development as a team is roughly divided into the following processes:

  1. Create a central git service. It’s like a private github. I personally recommend gitlab.
    1.1 installation of gitlab is simple. Prepare a virtual machine.
    1.2 to virtual machine file.
    1.3 Use the downloaded virtual machine file to create a new virtual machine

  2. Let the team use it.
    2.1 basic git command training. For the team that has not contacted git. Initial training is necessary. But don’t be too detailed. Can complete normal clone, checkout, branch, push, pull, merge related operations.
    2.2 Set up a team to use git rules. The link provided by sid is very useful. We will follow gitflow’s model.

  3. Start using! enjoy it!