An error was reported while docker pull was mirroring.

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When I pull the mirror image, I always can’t download it and report such a mistake. What is the reason? How to solve it?

$ sudo docker pull jupyter/jupyterhub
 Using default tag: latest
 latest: Pulling from jupyter/jupyterhub
 3be020ef5d53: Pulling fs layer
 a6ae39d5de27: Pulling fs layer
 53edc248c850: Pulling fs layer
 2ec411e8581b: Pulling fs layer
 ff5a9885bb1c: Pulling fs layer
 58ff83677668: Pulling fs layer
 4011f9cc84dd: Pulling fs layer
 c5c48ff79ffc: Pulling fs layer
 72d94d2ef49a: Pulling fs layer
 9913dffcd1e2: Pulling fs layer
 211309e80840: Pulling fs layer
 860aac654fb0: Pulling fs layer
 4c1b642ceda5: Pulling fs layer
 3be020ef5d53: Pull complete
 5a7e779541c9: Download complete
 673860eb3fcb: Download complete
 cccda61854ad: Download complete
 b3b1404070b6: Download complete
 dab4341d6221: Download complete
 c96992c66b17: Download complete
 a3bd3751109d: Verifying Checksum
 f89d3b450eac: Download complete
 6d63004b6886: Download complete
 7e1ad4f59ea4: Download complete
 fd5445f17a96: Download complete
 d3a1f33e8a5a: Already exists
 c22013c84729: Already exists
 d74508fb6632: Already exists
 91e54dfb1179: Already exists
 ff6a52bb5dff: Already exists
 65f6189d96c0: Already exists
 2bdbdc94f5f9: Already exists
 172a4d23f0db: Already exists
 e89f5d34b67d: Already exists
 90ba00f3f3ac: Already exists
 d5ae19dc314b: Already exists
 eb52461ba975: Already exists
 Pulling repository
 Error while pulling image: Get dial tcp: lookup no such host

Use domestic mirror images. . Or FQ