Because W in vim distinguishes strings by spaces, how can I highlight spaces?

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Like the places indicated by the arrows, these places look like there are spaces and there are no spaces. Spaces are not highlighted.WThe moving position is difficult to control..

So I want to know how to configure it to highlight spaces, or use other characters such as%Replace spaces.

Methods found in stackoverflow:


:set listchars+=space:␣


:set list


Before setting:

After setting:

Similarly, you can set the display of other hidden characters:

:set listchars=eol:¬,tab:>·,trail:~,extends:>,precedes:<,space:␣

Note that vim is only supported after version 7.4-710! The latest version of CentOS 7 is only 7.4-160, Ubuntu 15.10 is only 7.4-712, and some versions of Strawberry pie even reach 7.3. At present, it can be confirmed that the latest version of Ubuntu 16.04 is 7.4-1689 (good fucking conscience! ), only this platform is actually available, and other releases are not available because the version is too low.

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Add: I just noticed that gvim is used instead of vim. Gvim is unclear.Since there is a GUI, why not use other more efficient editing tools?