Can docker be used to learn server clusters?

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Want to learn to install server cluster, database cluster.
At first, I was thinking about installing a virtual machine on a personal computer, so there were two options:
1. Virtual 4 linux environments (2 web servers, 2 database servers) in Vmware virtual machines used by windows.
2. Use Vmware virtual 2 linux environments in windows (two for each virtual environment);

Later, I felt that docker seemed to be able to achieve my goal. I don’t know which plan is feasible. Please give me your advice! ! !

Maybe everyone can provide some experience and tell me how to quickly install multiple servers so that I can learn about clustering.

Docker is lighter than a virtual machine. After being mirrored, it is convenient to expand the web server or database server (no configuration is required). Generally, a statement is opened directly. Just like a container, it is convenient and fast to transport wherever you need it. You are worth trying.