Can two split windows’ implement similar functions such as ‘scrolllock’ or ‘scollsync’?

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When writing the code, because the display cannot stand up, the number of lines displayed by the code is very small and the up-and-down turning is very frequent, so I want to do this:

When editing a single file,:vsAt this time, there are two vertical windows (The number of the left window is 1-44, and the right window is 45-88.), and then realizescroll lockOr ..scroll syncFeatures (refer to firefox tile tabs) enable you to make full use of widescreen space.

Excuse me, has it come true?

-Existing Preliminary Ideas-

:h scroll-bind

In fact, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Is your description to display the same file in vertical split screens, and then bind the two split screens to make them scroll together? If this is the case::help 'cursorbind'See for yourself.

However, your initial appeal is to turn it up frequently, so I don’t understand. Even if you roll in two screens simultaneously, isn’t that the same as rolling in one screen? Unless you display two different parts of a file on the two screens, such as 1-40 on the left and 41-80 on the right, and then scroll synchronously … ~ ~ however vim seems to be unable to do this, you have to write plug-ins. ~~
Set in two windowsset scrollbindThat is, the starting lines of the two windows need to be manually adjusted before setting.